Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Trek Light Gear Coupons and Sales

Trek Light Gear

Trek Light Gear was founded by Seth Haber, who wanted to combine his outdoor enthusiasm with his growing interest in entrepreneurship. His love of the outdoors brought Seth from Rhode Island to Boulder Colorado, where he soon put his computer science degree to the test working for a large medical company in the area. Despite a busy schedule, he continued to take full advantage of the wilderness around him and used his time outdoors to relax, unwind, rejuvenate and go on countless adventures with friends.

As a full fledged weekend warrior it soon occurred to Seth that there were always brief moments within each trip and adventure that stayed with him long after he returned to the cubicle and went back to work. If you’ve ever sat at your desk after returning to work from a vacation and closed your eyes and felt yourself back on the beach or back at your campsite listening to the wind in the trees, then you know the feeling. Seth quickly realized that it was these moments of bliss that were the key to creating a healthy balance in a busy life and he soon found himself searching for a way to encourage people to get outside, take a break and enjoy the world around them in a low impact and healthy way.

What better way to get outside, relax and take a break from a busy life than to lay in a hammock? And, what if you could easily take that hammock, that little piece of heaven, with you wherever you went?

With this revelation, the Trek Light Hammock was born. Seth quickly teamed up with a like-minded friend (who would later move on to other ventures) and he began his quest for the perfect hammock design to make the dream a reality. Soon, he was traveling all over the state of Colorado selling the hammocks at local festivals and shows and spreading his philosophy that no matter how crazy your life is, you are never too busy to take a few moments and relax.

Trek Light Gear