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ALPS Mountaineering Trail Star 250 Headlamp
With a powerful 250-lumens extending the length of nearly 2 football fields, this over-the-head lamp offers rock-solid stability for hands-free camp tasks or lowlight mountaineering adventures.
Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light
Clip the Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap light to the brim of you hat or visor for to light up the path ahead and increase your visibility.
Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp
Sleek, super bright and water-resistant, the redesigned Cosmo now features 160 lumens of powerful long-range light for an array of mountain adventures.
Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp
This affordable yet powerful headlamp delivers up to 90 lumens of brilliant white light, illuminating your way through an array of outdoor activities with a sleek, low-profile design.
Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp
This powerful, no-frills lamp provides plenty of light for backpacking, climbing and ski touring, and at just 2.9 oz. with batteries, it’s an excellent all-purpose pack companion.
Black Diamond Icon Headlamp
A bright, powerful choice for adventurers who demand high-output lighting, the Black Diamond Icon headlamp boasts 500 lumens, waterproof construction and a removable, balanced battery pack.
Black Diamond Icon Rechargeable Battery
Use the waterproof Black Diamond Icon rechargeable battery with your Icon headlamp for extra battery life or as a power pack to charge devices via USB.
Black Diamond Ion Headlamp
The Black diamond Ion headlamp features powerful LEDs and intuitive on-off for ultralight outings and emergency use. It’s the smallest and lightest Black Diamond headlamp that runs on AAA batteries.
Black Diamond Ion LED Headlamp
At a mere 1.7 oz., this superlight and compact lamp stashes easily in pockets and packs, ensuring you’re never left in the dark on night hikes, multiday treks or camping trips.
Black Diamond Iota Headlamp
A tiny rechargeable light that punches a hole in the dark, the Black Diamond Iota Headlamp with dimming capabilities has a 150-lumen beam that’s able to light up objects 40 meters away.
Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Offering convenient power options, the low-profile Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp lights your path with up to 130 lumens. It’s also the first USB-rechargeable headlamp to also run on AAA batteries.
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
Powerful, fully featured and waterproof, the redesigned 200-lumen Spot offers PowerTap technology for on-the-fly brightness adjustments in any weather.
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
Meet the headlight that can do it all. It’s lightweight, superbright, dimmable and delivers multiple modes for effective illumination while hiking, climbing, skiing or embarking on other adventures.
Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp
Tahoe Mountain Sports
The Black Diamond Sprinter running headlamp is the ultimate headlamp for running! Find more Black Diamond lights and runners headlamps all with fast shipping.
Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp
Designed for predawn and post-sunset use on the trail or in the city, the rechargeable Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp with 200 lumens of power has a flashing red tail lamp to keep you visible.
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
Outfitted with a waterproof housing and touch-sensitive PowerTap technology, the redesigned Black Diamond Storm headlamp delivers 250 lumens of power with both red and green night-vision modes.
Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp
This compact headlamp gives kids reliable lighting for their forays into outdoor adventure, while giving you peace of mind with child-safe screw closures and breakaway safety straps.
Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp
Feature-packed and incredibly easy to use, the compact Black Diamond Wiz headlamp gives kids the lighting they need to explore the outdoors.
Black Diamond Wiz Headlamp – Kid’s
Tahoe Mountain Sports
This compact Black Diamond headlamp for kids has fun patterns and colors, with plenty of light to keep them safe and seeing!
Brunton L5 5 Watt Headlamp
$232.99 (15% off)
Brunton Rl4 Headlamp 3 White/1 Red Led
$37.99 (10% off)
“4 LEDs 3 white, 1 red. 3AAA battery operation. Three light modes beginning with lowest (helps conserve battery life). Power save, bright and red LED. Continuous use for 45 hours on high setting….
Coleman CHT10 Headlamp
Whether you’re at work or play, the waterproof Coleman CHT 10 Ultra Bright Headlamp allows you to get the job done hands-free.
Coleman Latitude 2AAA Headlamp
Light up your campsite with 75 lumens of hands-free light with the Coleman Latitude Headlamp.
ENO Moonbeam Headlamp
The powerful, lightweight and water-resistant ENO Moonbeam headlamp also attaches to your clothes and transforms into a hanging lantern for your hammock or tent
Mountain Summit Gear 130 Lumen Headlamp
This headlamp provides robust lighting via a professional grade Nichia NCSW219BT lifetime LED bulb
Nathan Nebula Fire LED Headlamp
Designed specifically for runners, the Nathan Nebula Fire is packed with features that will make your night runs a little brighter.
Nathan Neutron Fire Headlamp
Designed specifically for runners, the Nathan Neutron Fire is a lightweight 115-lumen headlamp featuring side strobes with 3 color options to adapt to the environment wherever you run.
Petzl Accu Core Battery
This high-capacity lithium ion 1250 mAh rechargeable battery guarantees high-performance lighting for compact Petzl headlamps and recharges directly with an integrated USB port.
Petzl Actik Headlamp
Offering 300 lumens and multiple light modes, the powerful Petzl Actik headlamp is ideal for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, running and hiking.
Petzl Core USB Charger Kit
The Petzl Core USB Charger kit lets you charge your Petzl Core battery (sold separately) in your car or at home.
Petzl Duo Standard Replacement Bulb
Use this standard, 6 volt, replacement bulb for the Petzl Duo headlamp.
Petzl MYO Headlamp
Designed for endurance activities, the balanced weight distribution and removable top strap keep this powerful 370-lumen headlamp stable and secure while lighting up your darkest adventures.
Petzl NAO+ Headlamp Battery Charger
This spare lithium-ion rechargeable battery recharges your Petzl NAO + headlamp directly via its integrated micro-USB connection.
Petzl NAO+ Headlamp Belt Kit
The Petzl NAO+ headlamp belt kit contains an extension cord to position the battery in your pack or on a hipbelt to reduce the weight of the headlamp on your head.
Petzl Noctilight Headlamp Case
The protective Petzl Noctilight headlamp case turns your compact headlamp into a lantern.
Petzl Pixa 1 Pro Headlamp
Built for toughness, this rugged headlamp offers 60 lumens of wide proximity lighting for outdoor working conditions, camp tasks and causal use.
Petzl Pixa 2 Pro Headlamp
This rugged lamp throws a reliable 70-lumen beam up to 55m and switches easily between brightness levels with a glove-friendly side knob. Wear it as a traditional headlamp or mount it on your helmet.
Petzl Pixa 3 Pro Headlamp
With multiple output modes, this rugged 100-lumen headlamp adjusts to your close-range, long-range and active lighting needs.
Petzl Pixa 3 Pro Rechargeable Headlamp
With multiple modes and custom battery usage settings, this rechargeable 90-lumen headlamp adjusts to any situation and quickly powers up before each adventure.
Petzl Poche Tikka 2 Headlamp Pouch
Protect your Petzl headlamp from damaging impacts and scrapes with the Petzl Poche Tikka(R) 2 headlamp pouch.
Petzl Poche Tikka 2 Headlamp Pouch
Protect your Petzl headlamp from damaging impacts and scrapes with the Petzl Poche Tikka(R) 2 headlamp pouch.
Petzl Reactik Headlamp
Compact, rechargeable and intelligent, the Petzl Reactik headlamp features reactive lighting technology that automatically adjusts the brightness to your needs.
Petzl Reactik+ Headlamp
Compact, intelligent and rechargeable, the Petzl Reactik+ headlamp casts up to 300 lumens of bright light. Bluetooth Smart connectivity lets you customize the lighting with the MyPetzl Light app.
Petzl Tactikka + Headlamp
The compact Petzl Tactikka + headlamp excels when you want to keep a low profile-hunting, fishing and birding for instance. 250 lumens and multiple modes handle any situation.
Petzl Tactikka + RGB Headlamp
Compact and versatile, the Petzl Tactikka + RGB headlamp is designed for low-profile use, with 250 lumens and red, green or blue lighting.
Petzl Tactikka Headlamp
The compact Tactikka headlamp is designed for low-profile use like birding, hunting and fishing. It offers a reliable 200 lumens, red lighting mode and a long burn time.
Petzl Tactikka+ RBG Headlamp
Equipped with multiple beam patterns and several LED color options, the Petzl Tactikka+ RBG Headlamp switches easily from route finding to stealth activities like fishing and nature watching.
Petzl Tikka Headlamp
The original LED headlamp from Petzl, the redesigned Tikka cranks out 200 lumens with a longer burn time for practical outdoor activities, all in a compact and easy-to-operate design.
Petzl Tikka Headlamp
Simple and compact, the 100-lumen Petzl Tikka headlamp throws a wide and bright flood beam for proximity lighting and offers dual battery prioritization modes.
Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp
An upgrade from the Tikka, the 140-lumen Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp offers spot and flood beams, a one-touch boost for quick access to max brightness and red LEDs for night vision without eye fatigue.
Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp
An upgrade from the Tikka, the 180-lumen Petzl Tikka XP headlamp offers spot and flood beams, a one-touch boost for quick access to max brightness and red LEDs for night vision without eye fatigue.
Petzl Tikkina Headlamp
The light, simple and compact Petzl Tikkina headlamp boasts a long burn time, making it ideal for camping, hiking and daily projects around the house.
Petzl Tikkina Headlamp
Weighing about 4 oz. with batteries, the compact size and versatile beam of the Petzl Tikkina make it an excellent everyday headlamp for camp tasks and proximity lighting.
Petzl Ultra Rush Accu 4 Belt Headlamp
Designed for demanding, fast-paced activities such as trail running, skiing and mountain biking, the Petzl Ultra Rush Accu 4 Belt headlamp has 6 powerful LEDs that throw a stunning beam up to 140m.
Petzl Women’s Tactikka+ RBG Headlamp
Equipped with multiple beam patterns and several LED color options, this 160-lumen headlamp switches easily from route finding to stealth activities like fishing and nature watching.
Petzl Zipka Headlamp
With its self-adjusting retractable cord, the simple and ultra-compact Petzl Zipka headlamp offers 200-lumen brightness with numerous mounting possibilities.
Petzl Zipka Headlamp
Simple and ultra-compact, the Petzl Zipka headlamp throws a 100-lumen flood beam for proximity lighting and easily slips on your head, wrist or bike handlebar with a self-adjusting retractable cord.
Petzl e+LITE Headlamp
Ultralight, waterproof and very compact, the 50-lumen Petzl e+LITE headlamp is ideal for the emergency kits in your home and car. You have those, right?
Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp
Smaller and lighter than its bulkier siblings, this water-resistant headlamp throws an impressive 70-lumen beam of light up to almost 100 ft. (30m) thanks to its white Maxbright LED.
Princeton Tec Remix Rechargeable Headlamp
This USB-rechargeable headlamp shines with a dimmable hybrid-LED array and a rear-mounted battery pack, offering optimal balance and a platform for its innovative rear flashing lights.
Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp
The award-winning Princeton Tec Sync headlamp features a stable, asymmetrical single-arm bracket and multiple modes with an easy-to-use interface you will love when you need to light up the night.
Princeton Tec Tactical Quad Headlamp
Based on the popular Princeton Tec Quad headlamp, the Tactical Quad is designed to meet the specialized needs of outdoor users.
Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp
Loaded with a spot beam, flood beam and dual red LEDs for night vision, this light and bright headlamp throws a 205-lumen beam up to 78 meters for versatile light wherever you need it.
SP Gadgets POV Light
If you’re underwater or in the dark, better lighting means better takes with the SP Gadgets POV Light. When ambient light isn’t enough, you’ll want the POV Light to brighten up the situation.