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Mountains Plus
$14.95 (7% off)
Building-on and perfecting past Brunton innovations like tool-free declination and the revolutionary Eclipse ‘circle over circle’ alignment system, the Brunton O.S.S. base plate compass looks clean…
Mountains Plus
$18.95 (5% off)
Master-crafted by the machinists and minds at Brunton’s world headquarters and tested in the mountains and mesas that surround Wyoming. Features the O.S.S. alignment system, tool free declination…
Mountains Plus
$30.95 (12% off)
By moving the hinge for the sighting mirror to the center of the base plate, users are now able to sight objects faster and more accurately along the same direction of travel. Brunton also added a…
Mountains Plus
Direct reading disk. 10deg graduations. Elastic strap mounts. Dimensions: 3.38″ x 2″ Weight: 4 oz.
Mountains Plus
This direct reading, disk compass can be illuminated for nighttime navigation and it mounts on your dashboard for visible reading. This compass could be the difference between winning and ending up…
Mountains Plus
$44.95 (8% off)
When push comes to shove and you are lost in the wilderness, will you reach for some chintzy piece of plastic made in a sweatshop? Or will you reach for an instrument conceived and trued in the…
Mountains Plus
Flush-mounts to kayak or boat bulkhead for a smooth factory-installed look with easy, reliable readings. Direct reading disc, bulkhead mount, 5deg graduations, reciprocal bearing. Dimensions: 4″ x 3″…
Mountains Plus
The super-small Micro(TM) base plate key-ring compass provides cardinal points and a millimeter scale in virtually no space. Overall dimensions: 3.8″ x 2.9″ x 0.5″. Wt: 1.5 oz.
Mountains Plus
$89.99 (10% off)
Nomad G3 Pro is the evolved version of its proven predecessors. The ultimate in weather prediction and digital navigation, the Nomad G3 Pro delivers temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure,…
Mountains Plus
$4.99 (50% off)
Re-envisioning a classic, the pin on ball compass still features the same direction finding reliability and hands-free ease of use, now with a stabilizing button and a sleek, modern look. Waterproof….
Mountains Plus
$12.99 (13% off)
Soon to be the core of your backcountry survival kit, the Locker features a water resistant storage chamber perfect for keeping matches, band-aids or fire starter dry and out of the elements. Plus an…
Mountains Plus
$6.99 (30% off)
This watch band compass is equipped with a rubberized loop that wraps around nearly any size watch band and fastens to an advanced plastic anchor for durability and support. So small, you won’t…
Mountains Plus
$12.99 (13% off)
Integrating the revolutionary Brunton O.S.S. system into a small, tag-along compass, the new Zipper Pull compass also features a tough, compact base plate and 2 degree resolution. Perfect for the…
Be Expert with Map and Compass – 3rd Edition
First published in 1955, Be Expert with Map and Compass is the classic map and compass instruction book.
Brunton 58 Sea Kayaking Compass
Mountains Plus
Waterproof and built to last
Brunton 8010 Glow Compass
The Brunton 8010 Glow compass features aluminous bezel and points for easy map navigation in low light, as well as a tool-free declination adjustment and 2deg resolution for accurate bearings.
Brunton 9045 Chill Compass
A keyring compass and thermometer in one, the Brunton 9045 Chill compass features a rugged base plate, built-in thermometer, windchill scale and easy-to-read 5deg graduations.
Brunton 9045 Key-Ring Compass
The compact Brunton 9045 key-ring compass tags along unobtrusively on your keychain, pack strap or jacket zipper.
Brunton Classic Tag A Long Plus Compass
$8.99 (10% off)
Brunton Classic Watchband Compass
$4.49 (10% off)
Brunton Leather Transit Compass Case
Fix your Brunton Leather Transit Compass Case to your belt loop (with your compass inside, of course) and hit the trail. This durable leather case keeps your compass safe while you’re bushwhacking…
Brunton Pocket Transit Geo Compass
Taking suggestions and ideas from working professionals, the Brunton Pocket Transit Geo Compass is the most advanced reincarnation of the legendary Transit compass to date. A design that has been…
Brunton TruArc 10 Compass
$44.99 (10% off)
Used by professional guides, orienteering enthusiasts, and adventure racers, the Brunton TruArc 10 Compass delivers a host of functional navigational features for plotting bearings on the move. The…
Brunton TruArc 15 Compass
With a global needle, rare earth magnet and triple clinometers, the luminous Brunton TruArc 15 Compass offers low-light performance for navigation, avalanche safety or scientific field work.
Brunton TruArc 3 Compass
A classic scouting compass with modern updates, the Brunton TruArc 3 Compass offers no-frills reliability that makes it an essential for any foray into the great outdoors.
Brunton TruArc 5 Compass
An ideal mapping compass, the Brunton TruArc 5 Compass has additional map grid lines on its base plate for quick orientation and a magnifier for easy reading.
Brunton TruArc 7 Compass
The Brunton TruArc 7 Compass has the features you need for advanced navigation and orienteering, leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to finding your way in the wilderness.
Mountains Plus
Digital compass with headings & degrees. Altitude in feet and meters. Barometer with barometric air & sea pressure. Weather forecast, temperature in degF or degC, clock, alarm & calendar. Bubble…
Mountains Plus
Features liquid filled compass, anodized aluminum biner and spring loaded closure. Three assorted colors per case.
Mountains Plus
All the features of both a map compass and a lensatic compass: Liquid filled housing, see through folding base, five map scales, scaled magnetic dial and bezel ring. Instructions included.
Mountains Plus
LED illuminated dial, liquid filled, lid with built-in magnifier, bezel with direction setting arrow. Batteries included.
Coghlans Big Screen Digital Compass
$34.99 (5% off)
“Digital compass with oversized display, multiline readout, and declination adjustment. Thermometer: displays either C or F and saves 24 hr max/min. Clock: 12 or 24 hr format with alarm and snooze….
Compass Paper Co Belay-ted Birthday Card
A handy card for those of us who are a tiny bit forgetful, the Belay-ted birthday card from Compass Paper Co helps you send belated good wishes to your favorite climbing buddy.
Compass Paper Co Coffee Pattern Card Set
$12.93 (50% off)
Is there life before coffee? The Compass Paper Co Coffee Pattern card set includes eight 7 x 5 in. cards to bring outdoor-inspired java joy to the beloved campers in your life.
Compass Paper Co Compass Enamel Pin
$5.93 (51% off)
The Compass Paper Co Compass enamel pin might not always point to true north, but it sure is fun to wear.
Compass Paper Co Freeze Dried Love Card
It’s an act of true love to eat the emergency freeze-dried eggs while your partner eats the last of the oatmeal. Remind them of your true love with the Compass Paper Co Freeze Dried Love card.
Compass Paper Co Gear Pattern Card Set
$12.93 (50% off)
All the essentials for an excellent adventure on one card-the Compass Paper Co Gear Pattern card set helps you send some love (and maybe some stuff, too) to the gear nerds in your life.
Compass Paper Co Happy Trails Birthday Card
Send the best birthday wish to your best hiking buddy with the Compass Paper Co Happy Trails Birthday card. Its blank interior has space for good wishes and for planning your next adventure together.
Compass Paper Co Lots of Love Card
It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to send your favorite adventure buddy some love. Give an off-the-crag shoutout to someone special with the Compass Paper Co Lots of Love card.
Compass Paper Co Mt. Awesome Card
$1.93 (61% off)
Featuring a handy metaphor for pretty much anything, the Mt. Awesome card from Compass Paper Co lets you celebrate a friend’s big life achievement, anniversary or just being at peak awesomeness.
Compass Paper Co Nice and Toasty Card
The best holiday celebrations should always include roasted s’mores! Send a friend well wishes with this Compass Paper Co Nice and Toasty card.
Compass Paper Co Onward Card
Help friends celebrate big changes and new adventures with the 5 x 7 in. Compass Paper Co Onward card. It’s made of heavyweight, 100% recycled matte paper with 30% post-consumer content.
Compass Paper Co Roses Are Red Card
Sharing a tent with someone is no small gesture. Send some kind words to someone you love with the Compass Paper Co Roses Are Red card, a valentine best delivered by the campfire.
Compass Paper Co S’mores Birthday Card
Send a happy birthday to the happy camper in your life with the Compass Paper Co S’mores Birthday card, best delivered around a campfire under the stars.
Compass Paper Co See Me Rolling Card
$1.93 (61% off)
Let a buddy know you aren’t hatin’ with the See Me Rolling card from Compass Paper Co. It’s a great addition to any gift for the die-hard cyclists in your life.
Compass Paper Co Ski Bike Paddle Card Set
$12.93 (50% off)
Send your favorite fan of human-powered adventures a season’s greeting, thank-you note or invitation to somewhere cars can’t reach with the Ski Bike Paddle card set from Compass Paper Co.
Compass Paper Co Sole Mates Card
Pairs who hike together stay together. Honor your most treasured trail buddy with some kind words in this Sole Mates card from Compass Paper Co.
Compass Paper Co Sup With You Card
$1.93 (61% off)
Puns and paddleboards combine forces to make this cheeky card. Catch up with an old friend or loved one with the help of the Sup With You card from Compass Paper Co.
Compass Paper Co Tent Life Card
Send a cheeky camping weekend invite to your favorite trail buddy or an update to Mom on your long-distance thru-hike with the Tent Life card from Compass Paper Co.
Compass Paper Co Tree Ring Birthday Card
A lap around the sun, a ring around a tree-however you want to say it, a birthday is worth celebrating. Send your best forest-inspired wishes with the Compass Paper Co Tree Ring Birthday card.
Dakota Digital Compass Clip
$35.99 (10% off)
“Electronic compass with digital direction indication, digital resolution of 1 degree, +/5 degree level of accuracy, declination adjustable, 4 alarms, dual time mode, countdown timer, chronograph,…
FalconGuides Trailside Navigation: Map & Compass
Trailside Navigation: Map & Compass breaks down everything you need to know about using a map and compass into essential, well-organized topics.
Garmin eTrex 32x Handheld GPS with Compass and Barometric Altimeter
Explore confidently with the Garmin eTrex 32x handheld GPS featuring a compass, altimeter, preloaded maps and a 2.2 in. sunlight-readable color display.
Gregory Compass 30 Backpack
Tahoe Mountain Sports
$59.37 (40% off)
The Gregory Compass 30 backpack is one of the best for everyday life with plenty of room to store gear for the gym, work and play all in one comfortable pack.
Gregory Compass 30L Backpack
$69.98 (30% off)
If business trips are simply your excuse for exploring a new area, then the travel-friendly Gregory Compass 30 Backpack will be your new go-to. With padded straps and back panel, this pack makes…
Hobie Mirage Compass Duo Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak
Get out and enjoy the water with your adventure buddy, little one or furry companion in the roomy and highly customizable Hobie Mirage Compass Duo pedal drive sit-on-top tandem kayak.
Hobie Mirage Compass Sit-On-Top Kayak
Delivering hands-free performance for easy wildlife watching and pleasure cruises, the Hobie Mirage Compass pedal-drive sit-on-top kayak keeps you on course as you take in the view.
Icebreaker Compass Short-Sleeve Shirt – Men’s
$99.99 (33% off)
From the red desert sands of Moab to the cobblestone streets of Sicily, the Icebreaker Men’s Compass Short-Sleeve Shirt assures adaptive comfort and style. The Compass is constructed with…
Icebreaker Men’s Compass Flannel Shirt
$129.73 (28% off)
A lightweight, airy woven shirt with soft, breathable comfort that’s made for warmer conditions, the Icebreaker Compass Flannel men’s shirt is ideal for weekend travels or breezy summer nights out.
K2 Compass Clicker Boa Snowboard Boot
The Compass Clicker Boot is designed to be compatible with the K2 Clicker series bindings, offering all-day comfort, performance, and comfort for riding any terrain. With a Dual BOA system, you can…
MZ Fair Trade Compass Wool Crossbody Purse – Women’s
$49.99 (49% off)
Compass Wool Crossbody Purse – Women’s
Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Mirrored Sighting Compass with Declination
$29.73 (26% off)
Find your way with the Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Mirrored Sighting Compass with Declination. Feature-filled, it provides the precision and accuracy you need when you’re out there.
Nalgene/ Brunton Compass Closure
$8.99 (10% off)
Origo Ranger Peak Compass Watch
$54.99 (8% off)
“The Gannett Peak is a digital compass with 16 cardinal point segments display. Digital direction indication in degree with 1 degree interval. Declination angle adjustable. Time with hour, min, sec,…
Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket – Compass
$148.93 (25% off)
It should be a crime to be this comfortable while camping. The Compass Rumpl Down Puffy blanket boasts 600-fill-power duck down to deliver impressive insulation in a travel-friendly package.
Seattle Sports SeaRover Deck Compass
Just as valuable as your paddle, a compass is one piece of equipment no kayaker should be without!
Silva Be Expert W/ Map & Compass
$16.99 (10% off)
“The classic map and compass navigation guiderevised for the age of the GPS., GPS devices are great, but they can break, get lost, or easily be hampered by weather conditions, making basic map and…
Silva Lensatic Compass
$20.99 (9% off)
“Classic design traditionally used by military forces for its precisely accurate bearings in land navigation and in directing artillery coordinates. Heavy duty, powder coated aluminum housing. …
Silva Ranger 515 Cl Compass
$66.99 (4% off)
“A large sighting mirror with tilted open Vsight allows quick acquisition and accurate bearings to distant landmarks. Easytouse declination adjustment, clinometer, map magnifier, 1/20 inch and…
Smith Compass Helmet – Women’s
Tahoe Mountain Sports
Engineered for superior protection of your head during all your adrenaline-filled winter activities, the women’s Smith Compass Helmet includes ultra-light in-mold construction with ventilation.
Smith Compass Helmet – Women’s
Forged with an in-mold construction, the Smith Compass Helmet combines the talents of a PC helmet shell and an EPS liner, ultimately providing lightweight protection without compromising on comfort….
Smith Compass MIPS Helmet
Sleek and lightweight, the Smith Compass MIPS Helmet is the go-to choice for those who want to keep bulk out of the equation on the slopes. Custom ventilation and built-in MIPS technology help keep…
Smith Women’s Compass MIPS Snow Helmet
$111.93 (34% off)
Built with ultralight construction, and maximum ventilation and style, this women’s helmet features innovative MIPS technology, which helps reduce rotational forces if the helmet gets hit at an angle.
Smith Women’s Compass MIPS Snow Helmet
$126.73 (25% off)
Built with ultralight construction and maximum ventilation, the women’s Smith Compass MIPS snow helmet features MIPS technology to help reduce rotational force if the helmet gets hit at an angle.
Smith Women’s Compass MIPS Snow Helmet
In addition to helping to protect your brain, the smooth, flowing lines of the women’s Smith Compass MIPS snow helmet complement the low-profile, ultralight in-mold construction and 20 cooling vents.
Smith Women’s Compass Snow Helmet
$104.73 (25% off)
With a 20-vent airflow system and a highly adjustable fit for all-day comfort on the slopes, the Smith Compass helmet points to smooth, flowing lines and elegant details in a low-profile construction.
Sun Company MiniComp Compass Keychain
Attached to your parka, backpack or keys, the Sun Company MiniComp compass helps you find your way on the trails-or back to your car at a crowded trailhead parking lot.
Sunday Afternoons Compass Hat
Never one to take the way well traveled, you decided to blaze your own trail, which in turn lead to you taking a ridiculous amount of time trying to find your way back to the paved interpretive path;…
Suunto A-10 Compass
Fast, simple and accurate, this baseplate compass is easy to learn and ideal for map and compass navigation in ordinary conditions.
Suunto A-10 Partner II Compass
$12.99 (11% off)
“The A10 compass features an anatomically correct base plate that is easy to hold, even for small hands. Also a new snapaction removable lanyard adds to the standard features of a liquid filled…
Suunto A-30L Compass
The Suunto A-30L Compass includes a luminous bezel and declination correction scale to cover all the bases for recreational backpacking and scouting. The luminous bezel aids in navigation at night…
Suunto Clipper L-B NH Compass
Keep your compass as close as your wrist with the Suunto Clipper L-B NH compass. Just clip it on your watchband for quick, easily-accessible navigation.
Suunto M-2D Locator Compass
$21.99 (8% off)
“Features a base plate with large, easy to read capsule, magnifying lens, adjustable declination, measuring scales and lanyard holes. Dimensions: 2.4″ x 3.5″, weight: 1.2 oz.”
Suunto M-3 D Leader Compass
With luminescent markings and a built-in magnifying lense, this reliable baseplate adventure compass is tailored for navigating and surviving in extreme conditions.
Suunto M-3G Global Pro Compass
With luminescent markings, magnification and a 20deg tilt margin for easier readings, this globally positioned compass offers reliable navigating in extreme conditions.
Suunto M-9 Wrist Compass
$29.99 (12% off)
“A compact, highly accurate wrist compass. Perfect for backpackers, mountaineers, and mountain bikers. Sighting window for accurate bearings. 2.5 degree ratchet mechanism can be used to set desired…
Suunto M-9 Wrist Compass
This multi-purpose wrist compass is designed with a side-reading window for taking bearings on land or at sea.
Suunto MC-2 Pro Compass
An accurate and reliable mirror compass for the outdoor enthusiast, the Suunto MC-2 Pro compass offers mirrored sighting, adjustable declination and a clinometer.
Suunto MC-2 USGS Mirror Compass
In today’s developed world, most people would be lost without a cell phone. Since you regularly trek into cellular signal doldrums, bringing along the analog Suunto MC-2 Compass is necessary for…
Suunto MC-2G Navigator Compass
This full-featured compass lets you take accurate bearings with a sighting notch and mirror, plus its patented Global needle works anywhere on earth.
Suunto MC-2G USGS Mirror Compass
The Suunto MC-2G USGS Mirror Compass features a patented global needle that functions flawlessly anywhere in the world. It includes a large mirror, additional sighting hole, luminous bezel ring, and…
Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass
Perfect for kayakers and other mariners–a durable lightweight mirror compass that floats.
Suunto MCB NH Mirror Compass
The Suunto MCB NH Mirror Compass is an ergonomically designed, multi-purpose, mirror compass that combines precision with practicality. Mirror compasses are an invaluable tool for those who depend on…
Suunto MCL Mirrored Compass
Tahoe Mountain Sports
Suunto MCL NH Mirrored Compass delivers superior accuracy and precision for novices and professionals alike
Suunto Orca Kayak Compass
$49.99 (11% off)
The easy to mount kayak compass will fit on kayaks of varying shapes and sizes. Durable thermoplastic rubber housing will withstand severe weather and rough conditions.
Suunto Tandem Compass And Clinometer
$236.99 (15% off)
TANDEM COMPASS AND CLINOMETER: The Suunto Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact aluminum housing. This instrument is an excellent tool for satellite dish and…
Thule Compass 4-in-1 Kayak/SUP Rack
Be ready for summer recreation with the Thule Compass 4-in-1 kayak rack. It’s a versatile watersport carrier that can transport either kayaks or stand up paddle boards with one system.
Thule Compass Kayak Carrier
You never do the same thing two lake days in a row, which is why you’ll love the versatile watercraft storage of the Thule Compass Kayak Carrier. Whether you’re loading up a pair of kayaks or some…
United by Blue Stainless Steel Compass 12oz Cup
Sure, you might be drinking water you filtered out from a muddy mountain stream, but that doesn’t mean the entire thing can’t be a classy affair. When you’ve got the United By Blue Stainless Steel…
WildernessNavigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS – Third Edition
Better than ever, the third edition of Wilderness Navigation: Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS is the official textbook used in outdoor education courses by thousands of students.